Master Umran Sharif

Umran was detected with ALL in August 2009. He is undergoing treatment in Faridabad. The foundation will assist in his treatment and wishes him a speedy recovery. Update on 10th Feb 2010. Umran has suffered a relapse and has now started radiotherapy treatment at the Safderjung hospital in New Delhi. Doctors remain hopeful that this will help and Umran will make progress towards recovery. Will keep the site updated with his progress. Update on 1st June 2010 Umraan’s treatment continues and the foundation tries to help as much as possible. However with new medications and a more aggressive line of treatment, the costs are spiraling out of reach of his family’s modest income. The foundation will continue its financial assistance and also approach the pharmaceutical company that makes these drugs for a subsidy thereby easing the burden on his family. Doctors remain positive on his chances for overcoming this disease. Update on 18th Feb 2011. Umraan lost his battle with cancer and passed away on the 18th of February. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family. The little boy fought hard and we did whatever little we could. His family with limited resources is relying primarily on donations to meet this amount and the foundation will do whatever it can to help raise the same.